Spring Fashion

This image was created for a spring fashion catalogue where the brief was to incorporate butterflies throughout. The brief was very open, just use butterflies and show the clothing in it’s best possible light. My main problem was how to keep the butterfly theme going throughout without actually using real butterflies (all the time) which would have become very repetitive. So for this opening image l decided to build a butterfly gate which l felt would be appropriate for an intro shot. To do this l shot my driveway gates at my house and used a textured wall l had on file that had a weathered metal finish. Then l used an actual butterfly for the template by cutting it out and making it look very stylized by what l left in and what l left out. Using the butterfly as a template l then selected the shape from the metal texture and bevelled and embossed it for added depth.With the metal butterfly now created l combined it onto the gate and for an added bit of interest placed a second one on top of the gates which finished it off.The background garden path was shot while we were scouting for locations to shoot the catalogue(we had originally planned to shoot on location but due to logistics, weather and time decided against it). With the background now build the model was brought in and shot on white seamless. The lighting set up for the model was created by placing a large Mola beauty dish to the right and a large softbox to the left of the model. Two flash heads were aimed at the white seamless to create an even white background which makes it easier to extract the model. With all the elements brought together l then added drop shadows¬† and increased the green tones to match the outfit. Finally a white glow was created behind the gate to make it stand out and and separate from the background, which was simply done by using a large soft brush.

Equipment-Canon 5D 24-105 lens for background

Model-Mamiya 645 80mm lens with a Leaf Aptus digital back.

Flash-Broncolor Scoro  A4s Pack


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