the collector

Shot with the Canon 5D Mark11 with 3D animation and elements created in Maxon Cinema 4D. Edited in Final Cut Pro.

To see it a little larger  click  the  arrows next to the Vimeo logo.


Epic Jesus


A large Photoflex bank light was placed around 8 feet above the model and pointed downwards.A black gobo was placed next to the bank to keep light from spilling onto the background. Two heads with grids were aimed at the background while a third with barn doors was aimed to the right of the model to create a hard directional light.A silver bounce was used to throw some light back into the shadows.   As l didn’t have a 7 foot Crucifix handy, we made one out of a seamless box and got the model to hold it which then made it easier to line up and strip in the real one. Finally the logos were added in photoshop.

salvation inc.


With this image l wanted to combine Neoclassicism with a modern day slant. A warped fusion of new and old.

mag covers and interviews

magazine covers and interviews

two current magazine covers and interviews with me. The Digital PhotoPro interview can be read here online

fashion victim

fashion victim


Often when we shoot covers or ads etc, we drop the image into layouts  to see how everything is working.  We created two concepts for the cover but another one was chosen by the client which incorporated a different color scheme and story. So here is my attempt to show a cover that will never be;)

30ft banners

11 meter (30ft ) high store banners. That’s Nicola the actual model laying on it. The flattened tiff file was massive, around 400 MB. Image quality is fantastic, although shooting it on a medium format Leaf back helped.